Our new life

A peek into our lives as as we go from a family of three in America to a family of four in China!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Isn't She a Little Young For A First Kiss?

We met the Hatmakers in our birthing class then ran into them at our hospital tour and decided that it must mean we should be friends! Their son, Jax, was born at the end of November so he and Hayes are about two months apart and get along really well. We've been swimming numerous times with them and have enjoyed some time just hanging out.

We were recently at their house and Hayes and Jax were playing when we spotted Jax putting the moves on our little girl.

He spotted her and headed in her direction...

Moving in....Planting a wet one on her...
Look at the guilty look on Hayes's face! :)

Water Baby?

Shortly after the attempt at the baby pool at a friend's birthday party we were invited to go swimming with our friends, the Hatmakers. As you can tell from the first picture, this attempt didn't look promising either. Hayes acted as though we were lowering her into hot, molten lava. However we just dunked her in (up to her chin) and clapped and made a big deal of it and she then realized it was ok and she actually liked it. She learned to slash and had a great time with Jax.

We were a little worried at first. Hayes was not amused.

She finally decided she loved it. Jax is an old pro (the swimming pool belongs to his grandparents) so he showed Hayes the ropes.

Hayes went to her first brithday party recently. She loved it. She couldn't participate too much (there was an inflatable jumpy house, cake (which she probably WOULD have willingly participated in eating but mommy said no), and a small pool. We thought she might like the little pool but she was terribly uninterested!

The birthday boy, Kylen.

Kylen's Madagascar cake.

Anxiously anticipating the pool (looking wuite spiffy, too).

As you can tell from the expression on her face it went over like a lead balloon! We think perhaps the water was just too cold.

Old McDonald Had a Farm

In this case it's friends of Hank's parents and really it's not a farm but they do have darling miniature donkeys. Hayes loved feeling them and even tried taking a spin on one (he didn't love it).

Hayes was just beginning to feel things and starting to learn textures. This is the baby miniature donkey - he was so tiny!
First ride on a miniature donkey (ok, perhaps only ride on a miniature donkey - it's not like hitching a ride on a mini donkey is a commom occurance).

Moo Moo Says the Cow

Hank's mother raises beef cattle (or cows who retire to loving retirement farms...[not slaughter houses] as I like to think of them). Hayes has just recently noticed the fact that there are cows all over Grandmommy and Granddaddy's back yard and she loves it!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Yum yum!

Hayes started cereal one week after her four-month birthday! She loved it!

It's a Zoo!

While we were at Grandmother's house for the Fourth of July we decided to check out a sign advertising a zoo. We've seen the sign for years but this was the first time we've actually even driven down the road. We were pleasantly surprised! It was a lovely little animal sanctuary nestled in the north Georgia mountains. Hayes was fascinated by all the animals!

You could get super close to some of the animals! Hayes loved it!!!Staring contest between Hayes and the iguana. Hayes looked away and lost. :(
Hayes was fascinated by these birds who were apparently having an argument and screeching horribly!
They had really great animals here - lions, tigers...no bear but some llamas!