Our new life

A peek into our lives as as we go from a family of three in America to a family of four in China!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rock-A-Bye Baby On the Treetop...

...just hopefully NOT this treetop.  

Hayes and I were snoozing away this morning (while our fabulous husband/daddy was cooking us breakfast!) when we heard an odd noise.  We ran to the window to spot a HUGE (I mean MASSIVE) tree in our yard had completely uprooted!

The good news is that it fell away from the house (and Hank's car) and smashed the awful chain-link fence that I despise (must be a sign that it's time to take it down!).  It did, however, completely block the road.  We were really lucky as it was so early in the morning the cute little neighbor children who normally play in the road weren't out yet and nobody was driving down the street.  

So, it's now three hours later and the city is here with chainsaws-a-blarin'.  What an adventure!

I'm not at all sad to lose that dog run (since, as you know, our four pounders don't need a run - more like a square of grass is fine for them).  

Hayes assessing the damage.
Completely blocking the road is NOT a way to win over your neighbors!  We completely blocked in our neighbors driveway.  OOPS!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Away From Home

Because our little Hayes is still so young & not quite ready for days away from Mommy, she accompanied me on a work trip this past week.  We learned the reason people don't often travel with newborns!  

Hank couldn't get away from work so our friend, Jessica, accompanied us to care for Hayes.  I had meetings during the day so Hayes and Jessica hung out in the room.  Our little angel baby became a fussy chick!  She seems to already be better now that we are home (and she's had sufficient snuggle time with Daddy) so we think (desperately hope) that it was just a matter of her being out of her element (and that she couldn't find Daddy!).  

Though we were in a lovely location, we didn't even get out to take pictures when the weather turned nice.  But we had to document her first real trip away from home (other than visiting Grandmother) so here are a couple of her hanging out with Jessica...
Hayes is getting so big!  She loves hanging out in her Bumbo!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Welcome Spring!

And Hayes's 2 month birthday celebration! That's right...our tiny little bean is 2 months old today! We decided to celebrate - - how else? - - with a photo session.

We were fortunate enough to purchase a house with former owners who actually left us with beautiful flowers that pop up each Spring (no thanks, at all, to our efforts). We are both afflicted with a black thumb but you wouldn't know it to look at our yard right now! Hayes looked particularly lovely against a backdrop of fresh irises, tulips, and pansies.

Actually, the pansies are our doing - give it time, though, we'll kill them!
Hey Kappas, doesn't she look natural amongst the blue irises? Definitely a future Kappa!

These are two of our favorite pictures from the day. Hayes is so close to laughing out loud. She's such a happy bambino! We are so lucky (her two month birthday also marked three straight nights of sleeping through the night!)!!!