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A peek into our lives as as we go from a family of three in America to a family of four in China!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

9 Months Old!

Hayes is nine months old.  We truly cannot believe it!  Our baby is growing up so fast.  She's babbling constantly and is a speed crawler now.  She's started pulling up and we feel like walking will be here before we know it.  Hayes has a recent fascination with her tongue so she constantly has it hanging out and making noises with it.  

She is still an angel.  She's a great sleeper and has such a fantastic personality.  Now, all that said...we are her parents.  She could be an evil baby and we'd probably still think she hung the moon.  And we think that's exactly how it should be.  :)

You can see from the expression on her face how much she loves to swing!
Trying out the slide for the first time.
We're not admitting to anything but there might have been a face-first tumble just after this picture was taken.  
If you're happy and you know it clap your hands...

"Hold it.  I'm 9 months already?  Seriously?"
I love these pictures of Hayes...

Hayes's First Buddy Turns 1!

Hayes's buddy, Jax, recently had his first birthday party.  Jax's grandparents live on a farm (a fantastically cool mini-horse farm!) so his party was out in the pasture with a tractor and fire pit the way all little boys' parties should be!

Hayes, the baby fashionista, wouldn't dream of showing to a party without theme-appropriate attire so I had to whip up some girlie overalls.  She donned her pink alligator cowboy boots and had a blast celebrating Jax's big birthday!

The Fitch Farm is a child's dream - they have so many fun things like this -  the "Barrels of Fun."  Hayes isn't old enough to really ride it but she loved sitting in the barrel while it was still.  
Hayes getting in touch with her country roots.
The birthday boy!
This is as country as my little girl can be.
Jax is saying, "just wait, Hayes, when it's your birthday you get to eat cake...real cake...it's amazing!  And you don't have to take a nap.  And the toys, my goodness, the toys.  I'm going to have a birthday everyday!"
Hayes and the birthday boy.

The Fall Festivals Are Never-ending!

Our friends, the Hatmakers, invited us to their Fall Festival.  It was so nice to be able to experience it with Hayes (and not be in charge of it)!  We had a great time just relaxing and enjoying the evening together as a family. 

Babies and Daddies.
Babies and Mommies (We realized this night that it was roughly a year ago that we met in our birthing class.  It was nice to enjoy it this year and not be uber-pregnant.)


Fall Festival Time!

We had a blast at RBCC Fall Festival!  Hayes was overwhelmed by all the people and she had so much fun seeing all of her friends dressed up!

Hayes and Daddy (who was supposed to also be a cute pumpkin but ended up a rather terrifying version!) with her Nursery buddy Lynley and her daddy.  

As people began to arrive.
Hayes and Landon (who were both, apparently, famished!  They were attacking Cherrios!)
On a race for the Cheerios.  
Landon's pulling ahead...

Our little pumpkin all bundled up for the cold.   

Hayes and one of her favorite people, Mallory (the cowardly lion).  Mallory's sister, Sarah Beth (quite possibly Hayes's favorite person on Earth), was Dorothy.   

Getting Lost

We recently tackled (and dominated!) a corn maze with our new friends, The Littles.  I am please to announce that with  keen sense of direction from the Littles, Hank, and Hayes (I am NO help in the way of directions!) we owned not one, but two, mazes is 45 minutes!  
Hayes rode in her backpack and was so quiet the entire time.  She was just soaking it all in!

Hayes and Daddy in front of one of the many, many "See Rock City" barns.