Our new life

A peek into our lives as as we go from a family of three in America to a family of four in China!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Step One!

Seems our construction, at least by our standards, is moving a bit slowly. Hank checks (I think on a daily basis) and reports to me but the report seems to always be the same...."nothing has been done." Frustrating to very anxious homeowner hopefuls!

Then, last week, during what seemed as though it might be a regular report I was told....THE STEEL ARRIVED! So, while we still have nothing that even resembles a house - we do have some materials with which to construct a house. At least it's a step in the right direction!

So, here are a few pictures of the super strong metal that will one day hold up our house:

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Home Sweet Home!

(well, our pile of dirt, for now)

We're taking the plunge into homeownership! We're purchasing a home in a neighborhood I call Pleasantville (though, the developers perfer to call it The Villages). We spent an astonomical amount of time choosing everything from flooring to cabinet hardware and finally have our housing choices complete. And, in a mere four months, we will have a house!

Here is the site of our new home:

We are so excited to watch the process of our first home being built. It's so hard to go to the neighborhood now and just see our sad little lot sitting all alone but it's fun to dream about what it's going to look like come October! I can just imagine our quaint little BROWN house (haha, Hank says gray) sitting there.

The contracts are signed, the decisions made, colors chosen...now it's time for the construction to begin. Here are a few pictures of how things look now.

We will only be the third family in the neighborhood - there will one day be 500! Please accept this as our official invitation to come visit as soon as there is a house. :)

This is the view from what-will-be our front porch:

And to our left (just visualize cute little Pleasantville-type houses all around):