Our new life

A peek into our lives as as we go from a family of three in America to a family of four in China!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

So, here we are - our first post!

I guess we should go back and start from the beginning. Well, the very beginning was we met, fell in love, and are working on living happily ever after. That's the short version of it. In recent news... we are engaged! Hank proposed on April 1 and after being assured that it wasn't a silly April Fools' joke, I enthusiastically accepted!

After a lovely surprise day at the spa and a fantastic dinner and carriage ride around the city, Hank proposed at Coolidge Park in Chattanooga. It was a beautiful evening and a great proposal!!! And, to top it off, the ring is GORGEOUS!

This weekend we went back to the park for engagement pictures. Our friend, Jody, is a fantastic photographer and we were lucky enough to have her take our photos! We've not seen all of the photos yet but she sent these two for us to preview. Hank was not thrilled that my pups went with us to the park and even less thrilled that they made it into a picture. I love the picture, though!