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Thursday, April 08, 2010

A New Chapter...

Given that the last post on here was when Hayes (who is now 26 months old) was 9 months old, it is clear that we've taken a bit of time from the blog.  We are resurrecting the blog to share some exciting news - - - we are moving...to China!

Hank has been offered a position with his company in China so we will be moving at the beginning of September.  We're so excited for all the experiences this move will provide.  We visited in December to look around and check things out and Hayes LOVED it.  Since returning she says very often, "I wanna go to China."  She claims to dream of China every night and often makes imaginary phone calls to China.  She's learned to say, "I love you" in Mandarin, too.  

Hank and I have a Chinese tutor and are doing our best to learn this very complicated language.  We're moving to a "smaller" city called Suzhou (population around 6 million).  It's about 60 miles west of Shanghai and other than in the expat community there isn't much English spoken so we've got to get on the ball and get the hang of the language!

Our next little one is due to arrive in just 20 days so she will be about 4 months old when we move.  I will become a full-time mommy to our two little girls and I'm so excited for the opportunity to share their days with them.  The girls and I will return home twice a year for 3 -4 weeks at a time (probably in June and December) so we'll have time to catch up with everyone.  Hank will come home with us in December.  

We're so excited about this new chapter in our lives and hope that some of you might come visit us in China!


At 8:22 AM , Blogger sliceofisaaclife said...

we are so excited for this awesome opportunity for you guys! i admire your sense of adventure...& i know it will be an adventure that you will all treasure for a lifetime. we will definitely keep up with the Welchs on your blog, facebook, etc. we need to hang out soon!!!! best of luck with everything...we will be praying for your transition (& that you will miraculously awaken being completely fluent in Mandarin...he he he)


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