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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hayes's First Buddy Turns 1!

Hayes's buddy, Jax, recently had his first birthday party.  Jax's grandparents live on a farm (a fantastically cool mini-horse farm!) so his party was out in the pasture with a tractor and fire pit the way all little boys' parties should be!

Hayes, the baby fashionista, wouldn't dream of showing to a party without theme-appropriate attire so I had to whip up some girlie overalls.  She donned her pink alligator cowboy boots and had a blast celebrating Jax's big birthday!

The Fitch Farm is a child's dream - they have so many fun things like this -  the "Barrels of Fun."  Hayes isn't old enough to really ride it but she loved sitting in the barrel while it was still.  
Hayes getting in touch with her country roots.
The birthday boy!
This is as country as my little girl can be.
Jax is saying, "just wait, Hayes, when it's your birthday you get to eat cake...real cake...it's amazing!  And you don't have to take a nap.  And the toys, my goodness, the toys.  I'm going to have a birthday everyday!"
Hayes and the birthday boy.


At 2:17 PM , Blogger sliceofisaaclife said...

ADORABLE! now is this the little boy who we met when visiting you after haye's birth? whose nursery was showcased in the paper?


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